Why does my dog stink so bad all of a sudden? A Step-by-Step Guide

Why Does My Dog Smell Even After a Bath?

So, you’ve tried all of the above methods, and your dog still smells gross. ‘Why??’ I heard you pleading, ‘Why does my dog smell so bad even still? What am I doing wrong?’ Well, my poor soul, there’s a high chance you’ve done nothing wrong. Your dog may just have an infection or bodily that needs your immediate attention.

Infected Gums and Oral Health Issues

An infection of the mouth will cause your dog to stink.

When teeth remain dirty after eating, tartar begins to build up. Pockets of bacteria develop along the gum line, and with time, those pockets of bacteria develop into pus and smelly discharge.

How can you keep your dog from developing a foul odor from the mouth?

  • The best way to deal with a foul odor in the mouth is by preventing it before it even happens. A dog with normal dentition can be fed a diet of raw meaty bones.
  • If your dog eats commercial kibble or canned food, or if he has abnormal teeth, the only thing to do to prevent the infection and avoid the smell is to brush the teeth once daily.
  • Dogs that already have tartar buildup also have periodontal disease and the pockets of bacteria that you cannot see are causing a foul odor from their mouth. Have their teeth cleaned at your veterinarian.
  • All the toys and chewies they sell in pet stores will not do it. If you do not take care of your dogs oral health, he is going to stink.

    A diet of raw meaty bones will prevent the development of dental disease.

    Your dog might not just need a bath or a good toothbrushing. Lingering smells can signal potential ailments that need to be treated—stat.

    Why does my dog stink so bad all of a sudden?

    Dr. Becker Discusses Why Dogs Stink

    If your dog smells bad for no good reason, he may have an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed immediately.