Why does my dog think he’s a cat? A Comprehensive Guide

Dogs That Act Like Cats: You Have One of the Known “Cat-Like” Breeds

Why does my dog think he’s a cat?

Some dogs are just naturally inclined to act more like cats! If you have a Basenji, Manchester Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Poodle, or a Shiba Inu, your dog might be more naturally cat-like than some of the other breeds.

Dogs from these breeds often lounge around the house like cats. They will sometimes even have very cat-like grooming behaviors, as well. There can also be an air of confidence to them, which you will find with many cats.

Therefore, rest assured that there is nothing wrong with your pet if you have one of these dogs. They might just be acting the way they should!

Though they can’t know for sure, everyone thinks that Mako was probably raised with cats, because all of his favorite things to do are classic cat activities. He doesn’t bark, he loves cat treats and he absolutely adores sitting on top of counters and cabinets, just like his cat siblings do.

“We joke that we didnt really pick him, he picked us,” Castiller told The Dodo. “When we went to the rescue shelter he had his back against the cage so we started petting him and he looked over his shoulder and gave direct eye contact and we just fell in love with the little guy.”

“We went online and found a dog toy that looks like a cat one so we go to the backyard and he chases and jumps after it like the cats,” Castiller said. “He also likes to lay on the tables with my cats and look out the window at the birds with them. When he sees one of my cats lay on their backs for a tummy rub he comes over and does the same thing!”

Dogs That Act Like Cats: Most of the Time, It’s Perfectly Normal

Why does my dog think he’s a cat?

The vast majority of the time, if you notice a dog that looks like a cat, its behaving entirely naturally. Certain breeds and personalities can make dogs appear to be more cat-like in general. If you have a dog that has always seemed more cat-like, theres almost undoubtedly no cause for concern.

However, with that said, if you notice a sudden behavioral shift in your pet and it is giving you cause for concern, please do not hesitate to take your canine friend to the vet. Some medical conditions can cause your once “dog-like” dog to appear very cat-like. An excellent example of this is when a dog has the instinct to be skittish like cats and hide when they feel sick. You might think to yourself that that feels more cat-like – and it is, but its also a cause for concern in this particular circumstance.

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