Why does my dog wash my cat? A Complete Guide

Other Feline Body Parts Your Dog May Lick

Sometimes the reason depends on where your dog is licking the cat so let’s look at a few of the more common areas that dogs lick and what it could mean.

If you have a senior cat, young kitten, or a cat with a medical issue, your dog may frequently lick and groom their bottom area due to the cat not being able to clean themselves properly after using the bathroom.

While cats are known for being very fastidious groomers, some cats are definitely less hygienic than others and your dog may take it upon themselves to help clean them up!

Your dog may lick your cat’s back more frequently because it might be the easiest body part for them to reach, as well as the fact that cats like to arch and rub their backs against other things so there is probably a lot of scent lingering on their back.

When cats roll in things, their backs and sides also become covered in whatever they rolled in, so your dog may take more interest in those parts of the body than others.

Cats sometimes show their affection with “head butts” and many will head butt a dog to show they are friendly and seeking attention. In response, the dog may begin licking the cats head to assure the cat that they, too, mean no harm and are friendly.

Cats also have scent glands covering their heads and faces, so a dog may lick more frequently around those areas of the head and face due to presence of the pheromones.

What Your Dog Licking Your Cat Probably Isn’t

We’ve gone over the most likely explanation for dogs that are interested in licking cats but let’s clarify some of the common misconceptions too.

Why does my cat lick my dog?

When a cat licks a dog, it’s a sign that the feline considers the latter as part of its family. Unlike dogs, cats don’t live in packs, so their sense of hierarchy is quite vague and sometimes non-existent.

Also, by licking, your cat gets to mark the dog as part of its territory. This is the same reason why cats will often lick their owners.

If you have a little puppy and an adult cat, the latter might be playing the mother’s role to the dog. This happens when cats have strong maternal instincts. read more here why dose my cat sleep in the little cat

Overall, licking your dog is a sign of affection from the cat. This is a good sign that your kitty is accepting the dog as part of the household. It’s good if your dog receives it well.

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Cats and dogs can either be the greatest of friends or the fiercest of enemies. If you catch your cat licking your dog, get excited! It is a good sign that your cat is being friendly and likes your dog’s company. So, why do cats lick dogs?

Cats lick dogs as a way to show their affection and trust in them. Cats also lick dogs to gather their scent or to to groom them. Occasionally a cat may mistake a dog for a cat and lick them as a result.

A cat licking your dog can be one of the cutest experiences you’ll ever witness. However, if your dog is not to keen on that sort of close behavior, it might be something you want to address with your cat. We’ll share a few key reasons why cats lick dogs, and what you can do to help manage that behavior so both pets can coexist peacefully.