Why Does My Dog Wrap Herself Around My Neck

Can you give a dog Kaopectate for mild diarrhea? ​The short answer is no. You should not give your dog Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol because these over-the-counter products contain additional active ingredients that can be very harmful to dogs.​ Kaopectate is a brand-name anti-diarrheal medication intended for human use. Another common brand name of this type of anti-diarrheal medication is Pepto-Bismol.

There are safer ways for pet parents to treat mild dog diarrhea and stomach upset at home. Severe diarrhea or obvious stomach upset lasting longer than a day or two requires veterinary attention.

Kaopectate is a human medication found in pharmacies. The brands Kaopectate and Pepto-Bismol are staples in many peoples medicine cabinets. These products are used to treat cases of diarrhea and minor stomach upset and indigestion in humans.

Kaopectate (sometimes called kaolin/pectin) and similar brands originally contained the active ingredient attapulgite, an inert clay aluminum. But Kaopectate was recently reformulated and now contains bismuth salicylate as its active ingredient. Bismuth salicylate is an aspirin derivative, and this is where things get dangerous for dogs and other pets.

Bismuth salicylate is an agent designed to work by coating the lining of the stomach and intestines. Although Kaopectate and other brand-name upset stomach relief products are available without a prescription, you should not administer them to your dog without the guidance of a veterinarian. In fact, its unlikely that a veterinarian will recommend these anti-diarrheal products at all considering that new formulations have made them much riskier to use for pets than they used to be. There is an increased possibility of reaction to the salicylate.

​Furthermore, dogs who are allergic to aspirin, who are taking products containing aspirin or steroids, or who are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should not be given Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol containing bismuth salicylate.​ Products containing bismuth salicylate can also cause constipation, temporary darkening of the dogs stools, and other serious side effects, such as gastrointestinal ulcerations or stomach ulcers.

Also, never administer Kaopectate with bismuth salicylate to cats. Aspirin and any aspirin derivative is extremely toxic and potentially fatal to felines. Diarrhea in cats can be serious and often requires immediate veterinary attention.

When dogs sleep on their human’s neck, it’s largely for comfort, security, and safety. They feel as though they belong there; it’s a place where they can snuggle in close. A dog’s goal is often to get as close to his human as possible, barring physically nesting beneath them.

Why does my dog like to sleep on my neck?

It’s always difficult to nail down an exact reason for specific dog behaviors because we can’t speak to them ourselves. The best thing we can do is make an educated guess based on what we know about dog behavior.

Why does my dog lay on top of me? One common myth that might have you misinterpreting your dog’s behavior is dominance theory. This theory describes dogs working in structured, hierarchical packs, where alpha dogs are in charge.

This is flawed for a number of reasons. First, the theory came from studying wolves. We assumed dogs worked the same way, even though they’re completely different after being domesticated for so long.

Second? Even wolves don’t work this way! The studies have been disproven.

By understanding that dominance theory is a complete myth, we can rule out the idea that your dog might be trying to show dominance over you when they lie on your neck. While some dog owners think this, it’s incredibly unlikely.

More likely is that your dog wants to be close to you. This may go back to their puppy days when they piled with their siblings close to their mamas. It may also be a result of dogs being incredibly social creatures.

Keep in mind what a dog gets from laying on your neck. They are close to you, yes, but they can also feel your heartbeat, breath, and movement.

These are all comforting things that ensure them you’re okay, and that you’re staying in place while they sleep. You can’t move without them noticing!

Because of this, a dog lying on your neck could also be a symptom of separation anxiety. If your dog is very clingy, gets stressed when you leave home, or has behavioral problems that escalate when you’re away, you may want to look into separation anxiety and what you can do to make your pup more relaxed.

Other reasons your pup may lay on your neck is to guard you and keep you safe while you sleep, or to share body heat in the cold.

Is it bad to let my dog sleep on my neck?

Typically, as long as you’re comfortable with this behavior, it’s fine to let your dog sleep on your neck.

Two main problems can arise when dogs are allowed to do this:

Injury can occur if your dog puts too much weight on your neck, or lies on your face and restricts your breathing. You’re more likely to be injured by your large dog sleeping on you since they weigh more, but small dogs can cause unintentional harm too.

Territorial behavior can be recognized when your dog begins guarding you or your head from other people who approach, or even from your own hands.

If your dog is growling or snarling, it’s time to stop this behavior before it gets out of hand. Especially because it’s happening right by your face!

#3: He feels physical discomfort

How easy life can be if only dogs could talk. And then humans can easily know how they feel.

But dogs can only use whatever means they know to communicate with humans.

Like wrapping their paws around you. They could be telling you they’re feeling physical discomfort.

It could be they’re feeling too hot or too cold. Or they have a hard time sleeping.

Finding out exactly what’s bothering them is equally challenging.

So look into their body language and behavior for additional cues.


Why does my dog drape himself over me?

A dog’s preference for sleeping on your neck isn’t to assert dominance – it’s either to guard you, share body heat, or most likely just to be close to you. Simply put, your pup is just trying to cuddle!

Why Does My dog snuggle under my chin?

Since dogs consider their owners a part of their family and pack, they want to lay on top of them to show them that and to provide them with comfort and security as well as receive it in the process. Laying close to their owner is also their way of protecting what they love, even if there is no real threat or danger.

Why does my dog sleep wrapped around my head?

There are six common reasons that dogs nuzzle or nudge their people. The main reason is to show affection and express love. Some dog breeds are more affectionate and cuddly and will readily nuzzle or snuggle with you. Labs are lovers!