Why does my Greyhound cry all the time? Simple and Effective Tips

The Night Whiner

This is usually a new greyhound trying to settle in. We had this happen the first night with our first dog, Peaches. She didn’t know how to climb stairs yet, and my husband didn’t know if having the dog in the bedroom would aggravate his allergies, so we left her downstairs in her kennel for the night. About half an hour later, Peaches decided she was lonely, and let out the most pitiful wailing I’d ever heard. I set up her bed just outside our bedroom door, while my husband carried her up the stairs. We left the door open, and, luckily, this was close enough. She settled right down, and the hallway became known as Peaches’ Room.

I have found it invaluable to walk my greyhound right before I turn in. An empty greyhound is a relaxed greyhound! She knows she’ll get a little treat right after we come in, so there’s no late-night sniffing around.

Some owners, however, will have the dog right there in the bedroom, and will be awakened by whining. Often, the first thought is to bring the dog up on the bed. Though some may disagree, I consider greyhounds on my bed a bad idea. They are pack animals, and bad things can happen when your head and your dog’s are on the same level, while you’re sleeping.

The Lonely Soul: separation anxiety in greyhounds

Another problem can arise if your greyhound is whining regularly, while home alone, if you live within earshot of your neighbors. This is separation anxiety; and, as I mentioned in my article, “Are Greyhounds Destructive,” prevention is the best cure. Greyhounds are sensitive, social dogs, who have spent their lives surrounded by company. Being alone is a new experience. You want to spend your first days with him leaving him alone for increasing intervals of time.

A doggie cam may be helpful in working this out. He probably doesn’t whine the entire time you’re gone, so try breaking up his alone-time a bit. Leave one or more Kong toys with a little peanut butter pushed deep inside of each to keep him busy for a while. Leave a ticking clock near his crate. Put a TV and a radio in different parts of the room on timers, so they come on a different times. The change in sound might distract you greyhound.

Step Reward The Correct Behavior

Sometimes dealing with anxious dogs may be difficult when youre away from the comfort of your home. Petcube Bites treat camera is a pawesome way to comfort your anxious dog when they’re not with you.

With Petcube Bites, you can keep an eye on your dog to see if they’re getting a little destructive. If they begin whining, you can talk via the cam’s 2-way audio or give them treats when they stop whining.

If youve got a bored pup, you can also mentally stimulate them via Petcube Bites by asking them to do tricks for a reward.

What Sleep Startle Looks Like in My Greyhound

It seems like dogs who whine a lot are often trying to tell their owners something. Unlike us humans, dogs can’t use language to communicate with us.

So, whining and the occasional mutters, squeals, and barks seem to be how our pets talk to us. But, sometimes it can be a sign of other disorders and conditions.

If we look at the social structure of dogs, we will notice that puppies often use these high pitched cries as a means of communication to their mothers. However, whining can be both a natural and nurtured behavior.

If you’re a pet owner struggling to understand why your dog is whining, then this article is perfect for you! Here we’ll cover:

Sometimes they may vocalize in different pitches and tempos for us to better understand their needs.

Dogs have evolved in such a way that they are now quite capable of manipulating us!

In fact, studies have shown that dogs often use a classic “guilty dog, doe-eyed” look to get away with naughty behavior. This is a language form of communication.

This means that dogs know exactly how they can grab our attention. Not only do they use their body language, but have developed distinctive whining, yelping, and crying techniques to seek attention.