Why is my dog clingy when I’m on my period? Tips and Tricks

What To Do If Your Dog Is Too Clingy During Your Period

Dogs might be extremely attached to you during your period. At first, you may find this interesting but it’s usually overwhelming and frustrating if your pooch gets obsessed with your presence.

It can be difficult to deal with a little clingy fellow during your period. But remember that you are still the pack leader, and you must place certain limits on your dog’s behavior.

Try this few tips if you have a pooch that becomes extra clingy during your period:

  • During those days, try to offer your dog plenty of attention. Play fetch, go on a long walk for exercise, or sit and cuddle.
  • Give your dog as many opportunities to exercise as possible. A fatigued dog is less likely to desire to follow you all around or force-cuddle you.
  • Ensure that your dog does not often latch on to you or sniff your genitalia. You can always push him away or use commands like “No” to make him stop this unwelcomed behavior.
  • Establish some guidelines. Make it clear to your dog that certain areas are off limits.If your dog gets too close, urge them to back off with a stern voice.
  • Last but not least, make sure you have enough of dog goodies on hand; your pet will love them!
  • Do Dogs Know When I’m On My Period?

    Dog has a keen sense of smell, and they can express it when you’re on your period. It is because the hormones produced by your body during menstruation provide chemical signals, and your dog responds accordingly.

    Dogs are capable of smelling a woman’s menstrual cycle, even if she is wearing protection. The scent of pheromones in the blood released from the body during menstruation can be sensed by dogs from a far distance.

    These fluffy companions can sense the changes in your hormones and the body chemistry. They have many olfactory receptors in their brain as compared to humans. It makes them much better at smelling than we are!

    Why does my dog growl at me when I’m on my period?

    Aggression in female dogs during their heat is a common complaint. Drastic hormone changes can adversely affect a female dog’s mood and can predispose to acts of aggression even if she has never been aggressive before. These hormone changes cause irritability, nervousness and can even cause pain during ovulation.

    Why Is My Dog So Clingy All Of A Sudden?