Why is my dog obsessed with leaves? What to Know

#4: Your furbaby is bored

Dogs always long for their humans’ attention and interaction. When they’re bored, they look for things that they find interesting.

But what’s interesting and fun to them might destroy your home. They might eat things they see on the floor, such as shoes, socks, and others. Sometimes they destroy your furniture.

It’s pure joy for them. And a headache for you….

When your canine is outside and bored, they might play with and eat leaves. If you don’t want that to happen, you can get a chew toy to occupy their attention.

5 tips on what to do if your dog loves leaves

Being a pet owner means having certain responsibilities to make sure that your furbaby’s welfare is good.

  • Dental health.
  • Keep them safe.
  • Let them socialize.
  • Give them proper training.
  • Shower them with so much love.
  • Add mental and physical stimulation.
  • Provide nutritious and balanced diets.
  • Arrange an annual check-up for your canine.
  • Clean up after them especially in public places.
  • One way to keep your furbaby safe is by supervising them. Especially when they’re playing in a stockpile of leaves.

    This will help you avoid unwanted diseases or accidents that may threaten your dog’s precious life.

    #5: They are obsessed

    Is your furbaby obsessed with hunting leaves?

    Some dogs are obsessed with hunting for leaves. Especially the leaves that blew in the air.

    It is funny at first, but if your dog is frequently doing it, it can be bothersome.

    A lot of dog parents say that dogs being obsessed with leaves is nothing to worry about.

    My question is when to know if your furbaby’s behavior is no longer normal?

    Chasing items like leaves can become an obsessive condition for your canine. Most dog parents know moving objects attract some dogs. They’re curious about it and may chase them.

    This condition in dogs is called Compulsive Disorder. It is the same with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD that occurs in humans.

    PetMD says compulsive disorders are exaggerations of normal behavior in dogs. Your dog might have OCD if they exhibit this behavior longer than the expected periods. Hunting leaves obsessively is an example of this.

  • Pacing.
  • Circling.
  • Chasing.
  • Fly snapping.
  • Flank sucking.
  • Self-mutilation.
  • Licking in the air.
  • Excessive drinking.
  • Acral lick dermatitis.
  • Staring and freezing.
  • Rhythmic or incessant barking.
  • Chewing on objects or pet parents.
  • According to VCA Hospital, the cause of OCD is unknown. Yet this is more common in dogs receiving too much calcium in their diet and energy.

    Hormonal factors, genetics, lack of blood flow, rapid growth, and trauma might also cause OCD.

    You can always call your veterinarian if you observe this behavior in your pet.

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