Why is my dog obsessed with my ears? Surprising Answer

A Sense of Comfort and Security

Dogs will also groom one another as a way to communicate that they are feeling contented, safe, and that they care for whomever they are grooming. When you dog licks your ears they may just be trying to tell you that they love you and are comfortable when you are around. You can know your dog is licking your ears for this reason if they have a soft face (that is, no tense muscles along the brow line or the muzzle) and relaxed body positioning.

We all know that dogs explore their environment with their noses. Its why they make such great search and rescue animals. What some folks dont realize, though, is that dogs also explore with their mouths. Tasting their world can give them information they may not get from a simple sniff. This is just one reason why puppies like to chew on your furniture, shoes, and even electrical cords. If your dog is infatuated with licking your ears they may just be trying to glean some information about where youve been or what youve been doing.

Your Dog Loves You

One of the major reasons a dog licks you is probably the most obvious—they are showing you they love you. They often lick ears upon greeting you or if you are suddenly eye-level with them. Dogs love making contact with your face. It’s a direct sign of intimacy, allowing them to show you how much they care.

They gladly give it to you without question because they want your love and approval back. In showing us affection through licks, they are telling you that this partnership is definitely mutual. Isn’t it sweet to think about how many ways our dogs show us appreciation?

When a Dog Licks Your Ears

The bottom line is that this is mostly a normal canine behavior. That being said, however, if the behavior goes over the line or becomes obsessive, it may be time to intervene.

Why Do Dogs Lick Ears: The 7 Reasons Behind This ( Weird ) Behavior

My pit bull, Bunker, loves being the center of attention and works hard at achieving that status every chance he gets.

He enjoys playing fetch, simply being petted and licking people’s ears — especially my husband’s. I suppose part of the reason my husband is his “chosen one” is that he is much more willing to allow Bunker that sort of pleasure than I am.

I will go along with a little lick or two, but Doug will sit there as long as Bunker wants him to. I truly believe this is a way of bonding for the two of them, since it is done regularly.