Why is my dog sitting like a frog? Here’s the Answer

You can train a dog out of a lazy sit.

It is certainly not a bad idea to encourage a dog that tends to sit sloppy to have better posture, but just constantly correcting their sit will not eradicate the underlying problem. Even with regular sit training, a dog that adopts a lazy sit will likely get worse over time if the condition causing them discomfort is not resolved.

Dog Sitting By Your Feet

Dogs are pack animals and they love spending time with their companions. It’s a form of bonding when your dog chooses to stay close to you but it can also mean reassurance and security in a fearful dog.

You as the leader are the role model that does everything right in your dog’s eyes. The leader always chooses the best resting spot so sitting beside you must be the best option and it may even get your attention.

There is nothing you need to be worrying about when it comes to this position. If you are annoyed by the lack of personal space, provide your dog with a stuffed Kong and place it in his dog bed.

Dog splooting may be cute, but here’s when to keep an eye on your pup

We love our dogs for so many reasons, and there’s no denying how much they make us laugh. Just look at all the adorable pup videos on social media! From cute training fails to rescue dogs experiencing new things, there’s no shortage of adorable viral canines. Contents

One video trend has pet parents and vets doing a double-take: dog splooting. This odd lying position may look quite cute, but it’s not always as innocent as it may seem. In many cases, splooting itself isn’t a cause for concern, but you may want to contact your veterinarian if you notice your dog in this position while experiencing some other issues.

So what are we talking about exactly? Here’s everything you need to know about dog splooting and when it may indicate a problem.

My Dog Sits Like A Frog