Why is my dog suddenly sniffing everything? Tips and Tricks

Why is My Dog Sniffing Everything in the House?

If your dog can smell something new in the house, there is a chance that they will sniff out every corner of the building to try and find it. Although sometimes annoying, the sniffing behaviour is just your doggo’s way of figuring out whatever is new or has changed.

As previously mentioned, pacing and obsessive sniffing can be a sign that your dog is experiencing mental health problems, including anxiety, nervousness, boredom, or under-stimulation.

If the behaviour is becoming repetitive or obsessive, you should discuss your dog intensive sniffing with your vet.

My Dog Is Sniffing the Floor Like Crazy. Why?

You will often notice your dog sniffing the floor like crazy while pacing backwards and forwards. This is often a sign that your dog is anxious, nervous, or bored and under-stimulated. The latter can lead to the former.

Your pooch might just have picked up a new scent on the floor, but you will need to monitor your dogs general and overall behaviour to find out if anxiety or under-stimulation is becoming a problem. If the obsessive sniffing dog behaviour continues for a prolonged period of time, and consistently, it might be time for you to make an appointment with your vet.

If you are unsure of just how long your dog is sniffing the floor and acting in other unusual ways, why not consider getting a Petcubes interactive pet camera? You can keep an eye on your furry friends no matter where you are in the world, and you can get a better idea for how theyre acting while youre not around.

Sniffing – The Universal Doggy Hobby

But sniffing is not just our dog’s greatest talent. It also is one of their most universally enjoyed past-times.

Different breeds of dogs like or dislike different activities. A Saint Bernard may not be thrilled about daily sessions of playing frisbee and an Italian Greyhound may not like to come swimming with you. An Anatolian Shepherd probably doesn’t need to go to the farmers market and greet dozens of people every weekend and a Belgian Malinois is not a lap dog.

(This is why it is so important to make sure your dog fits your lifestyle before you acquire him, whether through a rescue or from a breeder. Picking a dog that similar ideas of fun as you have will make your life together so much easier and more joyful.)

All breeds however, no matter how big, active or aloof, have one thing in common:

They love to sniff.

Why is my dog suddenly sniffing everything?

Dog Sniffing Everything On Walks – Is it OK?

Do you have a dog that’s almost like a detective because he likes to constantly sniff the ground or air wherever he goes? Is it a concern if your dog is sniffing too much? Here are the most common reasons for this dog behavior.