Why you should not get a Portuguese water dog? Tips and Tricks

Portuguese Water Dogs Commonly Asked Questions

Why you should not get a Portuguese water dog?

Catherine/Moody: Yes, Moody absolutely loves being around children, other dogs and people – he’s at his most waggiest when he’s in a social environment and can play with those around him. I’m convinced he thinks he’s human!!

Michael/Neo: In general yes. We have three kids (they are almost grown up) and two cats and it´s working fine. Maybe – when you have very young kids – it could be challenging because Porties need a lot of attention, especially in puppy times for education.

Catherine/Moody:Moody barks but typically only when he wants attention or wants to play, the rest of the time, he’s reasonably quiet. His does however, ‘talk’ and can get quite vocal – when I go away, I have a call with him and it feels like he answers – is that a bit crazy?! Going back to his bark though, it is deep and loud so would be great to scare off intruders; its just a shame that he’s everyone’s friend so if someone was trying to break in, he’d probably just lick them to death!!

Michael/Neo: Our Portie is not barking a lot. He only barkes when a visitor is coming to our house, but that´s fine for us.

Do Portuguese Water Dogs like to cuddle?

Why you should not get a Portuguese water dog?

Catherine/Moody:When they choose to and as time has gone on! Generally, they are a really energetic breed and quite like their independence – everything is typically on his terms!! I have also noticed that Moody is more cuddly in the winter which I think is coat related as he gets very warm in the summer so someone else’s body heat isn’t welcomed! He cuddles more in the morning & when he’s sleepy – every 4am he jumps on the bed, wakes you up by trying to sit on your head and then goes to sleep with belly rubs. Great for him, not great for those who want a full nights sleep!

Michael/Neo: Oh yes, they do. Our Portie has the habbit of leaning towards our legs with his full body weight and a heartmelting look saying: please, cuddle me!

Bred For:

Length: Medium Characteristics: Curly Colors: White, black, brown, solid or with white Overall Grooming Needs: High

Portuguese Water Dog Pros And Cons | Should You REALLY Get A PORTUGUESE WATER DOG?

A home doesn’t feel complete without a dog — at least, that’s how you feel if you’re an avid dog lover. There’s something special about having that lovable, canine companion by your side, and you likely already have it in your mind that you will always have a dog. But, when you have a family, especially with young children, choosing the right dog becomes even more of a process. Your choice hinges largely on whether or not your new potential pup is good with kids.

If you’re thinking about getting a Portuguese Water Dog, the good news is this pup is a great match for households with children. Plus, since this dog sports a hypoallergenic coat, they’re an especially good fit for owners suffering from allergies. However, there are a few things worth noting. Therefore, if you’re considering adding this breed to your family dynamic, make sure you know all you need to know before you purchase or adopt your dog.