Will a dog find its way home? What to Know

Have you ever wondered how lost dogs always seem to find their way home? Well, a new breakthrough study has found that its all down to their sensitivity to the Earths geomagnetic field.

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Over the past few years, there have been some heroic tales of dogs finding their way home over rugged terrain and great distances. Famous films, such as Homeward Bound, show just how dogs can cleverly work out how to get home. And now we know how they do it…

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Visual Acuity and Visual Markers

How else can my dog find its way home? A dog’s sense of sight may not be as sharp as his sense of smell, but he uses the s he sees around him to form a sort of visual map, which he refers to as needed. In the case of wolves, for example, they use visual landmarks to make their way around mountainous or wooded territories. In the same way, dogs know how to remember and recognize visual cues that could help them track their way home.

How Can a Dog Find Its Way Home?

Animals have different means of internal navigation. Seabirds, for example, are believed to be guided by the sun and stars. Sea turtles and pigeons have been found out to be able to orient themselves through the Earth’s north and south magnetic fields. In the case of dogs that have had to travel long distances to return home, it comes as no surprise that their strong sense of smell is their primary tool for determining which way to go. Along with a sort of internal visual map, this is how can a lost dog find its way back home.

Do LOST DOGS Find Their Way Home?

We’ve all seen those amazing stories of dogs finding their ways back home after months of being gone. New research is helping shed the light on animal navigation, and giving us a better understanding of how different animals are able to find their way back home.