Will Medicare pay for a dog bite? Expert Advice

A Medicare set-aside is a custodial account intended to cover future, injury-related expenses so that Medicare does not have to pay for them. Instead of spending ones settlement money on this or that, a portion of it has to be set aside to cover anticipated expenses that Medicare otherwise would have to pay. The idea is to save money for Medicare.

Need Legal Help with an Animal Bite Matter? Talk to a Lawyer

If youve been bitten by an animal, such as a dog, you may want to explore your legal options — especially if you sustained serious injuries as a result.

Contact a local personal injury attorney today who can help you determine whos at fault and how you can recover your losses.

Homeowners Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Dog Bites

Homeowners insurance generally provides liability coverage for dog bites and other mishaps. What’s interesting about this type of insurance is that the dog bite insurance coverage is applicable to your property and nearby places.

For example, if you visit a dog park and your furry friend bites one of the dog owners in the park, your homeowner’s insurance covers the incident. However, dog bites and homeowners insurance can hold the insured responsible for precarious situations.

Take, for instance, a dog bite on your property to an individual, but the dog does not belong to you. In this situation, the injured can file claims against you. Sometimes, coverage is available under your dog bite insurance, even if the dog is not yours. This is because the incident occurs on your property, which is then covered by your insurance policy—make sense?

There have been cases where burglars had won a lawsuit against the homeowners because their dogs put serious injuries on the burglars when they were trying to rob the house. Under homeowners insurance, liability insurance coverage extends to such situations as well.

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