Will one pepperoni hurt a dog? A Comprehensive Guide


Pepperoni will naturally include peppers. On the whole, peppers are not poisonous like salt and garlic but can irritate your dog.

The symptoms can include stomach upset, diarrhea, severe digestive problems and excessive gas. With spicier peppers, e.g. cayenne, your dog can experience a burning sensation in the mouth and throat.

Address Digestive Issues

Few pieces of pepperoni are enough to cause major gastrointestinal problems. If your dog refuses to eat, vomits, and has loose stools, you might need to take action.

The vets recommend that in these cases, you withhold food for 12 hours. If the dog stops vomiting within that period, you can sip them some water. Remember that fasting is not advised for puppies, smaller breeds, or dogs with existing health issues.

The vet will usually prescribe a bland diet, to which you can add a small amount of fiber or probiotics. Your dog mustn’t get dehydrated, so make sure they drink enough water — if they can.

Over time, you can bring your pooch back to a regular diet. But do it slowly.

The best practice is to start off with 75% of the previous (bland) menu and 25% of the regular diet. After two days, you can change the ratio — decrease new diet, and increase old food by 25%. Repeat this process every two days until your dog is 100% back on the old diet.

Still, bear in mind that this approach might not be the best. Stomach problems can also point to other underlying issues — pancreatitis, bloat, or even parasites. If your dog collapses, or you see blood in stool or vomit, it’s best to take your pet to the vet clinic immediately.

Kidney Damage

If a dog eats pepperoni and already has problems with kidneys, the vet will usually prescribe fluid therapy and antibiotics. They might also order dialysis to remove toxins from the dog’s body.

Your pooch shouldn’t eat pepperoni, but they can still have some delicious (and safe!) treats. Choose one of the alternatives below, so you don’t feel guilty about that pepperoni pizza you ate:

Is it Safe for Puppies to Have Pepperoni?