Wrinkly Face Dog Breeds

For humans, wrinkles are a sign of aging. People will do just about anything to avoid wrinkles, but we sure delight in wrinkly dogs. You’ll notice that many wrinkly dog breeds are short-faced (brachycephalic), too. Some may sport wrinkles as pups, while others mature into their big wrinkles. Let’s meet five wrinkly dog breeds that boast lovable, lifelong folds and furrows.

Our prominent eyes and child-like expressions make us one of the crazy-delightful wrinkly dog breeds. We’ve been around to charm humankind for centuries. Chinese imperials have cherished us since ancient times, even employing guards to keep us safe. We were bred small to be carried in royal sleeves.

Some of our wrinkles were considered more significant than others: the prince mark of three wrinkles on our forehead with a vertical bar (copying the Chinese character for prince) was a favorite trait. These days, our owners love all of our large and deep wrinkles. We suggest you dab our skin folds to keep them fresh and clean; we sure can’t reach them with our tongues!

Our lined foreheads draw your gaze to our observant, kindhearted faces. When we’re particularly attentive, our wrinkles are especially distinctive. We’re one of the wrinkly dog breeds that have a long history with humans. Our forefathers worked with Babylonians, Marco Polo, Hannibal, King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Developed to guard and fight beside soldiers, we were bred tough and striking.

We’re perhaps more easygoing than our ancestors these days, but we hold to our watchdog role. And at some 200 pounds, our size alone discourages intruders. We consider ourselves peaceful and dignified bodyguards, always loyal to loved ones. And we’ll love your wrinkles too, when someday you’re blessed to own them!

Our coats are brilliant, short and smooth. Our soft and loose skin is what lands us on this list of wrinkly dog breeds. And the description “delightful” suits our personalities, too. Developed from English 19th-century bulldogs, our ancestors followed lace-makers migrating to France after the Industrial Revolution.

Friendly and affable, we soon became popular with Parisians of all economic classes. American tourists in France were enchanted by our forefathers and brought some back to the states. These days, with our laid-back personalities and keen social skills, we top the companion dog list. Come under our wrinkly spell; our furrowed brows shall charm you into dropping extra treats!

If you don’t recognize us for our hippopotamus head shape, you may spot us for the impressive wrinkles that assure our spot in this roundup of wrinkly dog breeds. Slack skin and creases cover my head, neck and withers. We’re one of the oldest dog breeds. Our scowls allegedly frightened off evil spirits, but maybe deterred trespassers (in material form), too.

These days, our wrinkles are attractive, albeit not especially functional. A clean breed, we don’t shed much; our grooming needs are minimal. Simply wipe our wrinkles down on occasion to keep our skin and coats healthy.

A French guardian célèbre, we trace our heritage to Mastiff-types developed to guard castles, hunt and fight. Everything about us is big: we have enormous hearts in our massive body. Our colossal heads are interlaced with wrinkles; our drooping cheeks accentuate our memorable appearance. The deep ropes of wrinkles on our heads are obvious at all times and make us an obvious choice for this list of wrinkly dog breeds — but they aren’t worrying frowns. At our size, what in the world could we be worried about?

Our striking appearance is just one of our attributes. We’re affectionate, wonderful watch dogs who are more agile and speedy than our physique suggests.

Tell us: Do you have a wrinkly dog? What breed(s) is he? What wrinkly dog breeds would you add to this list?

“Because they spend so much time with their nose to the ground, the skin folds can easily get dirty or irritated and should be cleaned daily,” says Jenna Stregowski, RVT, Pet Health and Behavior Editor at Daily Paws.

Like their English counterparts, the French bulldog is known for a wrinkly face, though these petite pups show off more of a squishy countenance rather than the droopy wrinkles and jowls. Another big difference between the two breeds is the Frenchies tall, bat-like ears.

Similarly sleepy in appearance to their bloodhound cousin, and falling just short of first place in the sniffer competition, basset hounds benefit from their loose skin and lolling ears lifting and trapping smells from below. Pack animals at heart, basset hounds get along well with other household pets and usually integrate easily into family life.

“Puggles have traits from both beagles and pugs, so depending on which breed they take after more, a puggle may have a longer snout and few wrinkles like a beagle, or a shorter snout and underbite like a pug,” McCarthy says. “If your puggle takes after the pug and has more wrinkles and facial folds, using wipes can help keep these areas clean.”

Unlike other Chinese dog breeds with roots in royalty, the shar-pei started out a workers dog in ancient China, hunting, herding, and protecting his home. After nearly going extinct in the early 1970s, the remarkably rare shar-pei rebounded as a symbol of high status and today is a beloved breed around the world.

While some dog breeds look fairly similar, such as golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers, others have quite distinctive features. They might sport a rare coat color or pattern, an uncommon shape to their ears or tail, or even wrinkles across their skin. Several dog breeds are notorious for the rolls their skin makes. These breeds come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very active dogs while others are happier to lounge around the house. And some tend to be friendlier than others, especially around strangers.

While wrinkled skin can give a dog some added charm and character, it also requires special maintenance. It’s important to thoroughly wash all those skin folds regularly with a gentle canine shampoo to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting trapped in them. The wrinkles also must be dried well.

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Despite their beefcake appearance, Bordeauxs are sweet and sensitive dogs. But although they’re gentle giants, they don’t realise their own size and strength sometimes! Which means you’ll need to take care if you have kids. Also, expect this huge hound to act like a lapdog despite being as big as you!

If you asked someone to think of a wrinkly dog, they’ll probably pick a Pug. Although they don’t have wrinkles all over their body like a Shar Pei, this fellow Chinese breed has become famous for their squashed, wrinkly faces. In fact, legend has it that these dogs were originally bred to try and get those wrinkles on their head to look like the Chinese character for “Prince”.

Few dogs are as iconic as the Bulldog, which has become a symbol of Britain. They also look like they’re practising their best “stiff upper lip” expression, with that sourmug face! Although they can look grumpy, these dogs are big butterballs and quite happy to curl up for a cuddle and make lazy but loyal companions.

We’re starting with the most wrinkly dog breed in the world! The Chinese Shar Pei is famous for their wrinkles and rolls which cover their whole body. They’re an ancient breed with over 2000 years of history, and these dogs have been used for almost every doggy job there is, including fighting, herding, and guarding, and now a canine companion!

The Bloodhounds incredible sense of smell has been used to find and follow human scents since the Roman era. Their nose is so good it can actually be used as evidence in court! But, it does mean that these dogs can be stubborn if they catch a whiff of anything interesting.


Which dog has the most wrinkles?

French Bulldog

They sport fairly small wrinkles around their foreheads and mouths. Affectionately known as Frenchies, these dogs are friendly, funny, and alert. They make wonderful watch dogs and are known to bark at anything that might threaten their favorite humans.