Yakuza Kiwami Dog Bowl

Youll find out that the dog will have a hard time swallowing its food and needs something to drink. Head back to the convenience store and buy Suntory Mineral Water (S. Alps) and return to Haruka.

This is an easy battle, just use Beast Style and take them down like the savage you are.

There will be some medicine lying around, such as a Toughness ZZ, in case you are having a hard time with the fight. Use the seats lying around as weapons to serve as buffer from getting too surrounded and to whittle their numbers. Like other boss fights so far, concentrate on the henchmen first before bothering taking on their leader.

After speaking with Reina, she will tell you to go to Bacchus to get more information on Ares. Head for the Millennium Tower and to the street to its right, noted by the quest marker.

Once you return, the dog wont be able to drink without a bowl or a plate. Head to Don Quijote at the southernmost part of town and buy a Paper Plate. Head back to Haruka to continue with the story.

Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the first title where players take on the role of yakuza Kazuma Kiryu who ends up spending ten years in prison for a crime he took the blame for. Now, out of prison, our hero finds that his family organization has turned on him, his best friend seems to be plotting our hero’s death, and to top it off, your beloved crush is missing.

This is easier said than done as we’re talking about a rather large world filled with different shops that will rotate stock and it’s pretty doubtful you decided to pick up dog food prior to this point in the game.

Luckily, our hero can make quick work with this gang of thugs only to find out that the little guy is starving to death and you can’t let a starving dog alone so it’s off for our protagonist to locate some dog food.

Not sure where Nakamichi Alley is located? No worries, we have your back! Take a look at the screenshot above to find where the storefront is located.

Early into the video game you’ll run into a mission that may be a bit confusing. Our hero meets up with a young child who is in search for her mother. This will happen during Chapter 4.


Where is the plate in Yakuza kiwami?

Instead of hopping from store to store in hopes of finding your desired item, you can head to Poppo. This is a little shop that’s located on Nakamichi Alley which will carry dog food.

Where is water Yakuza?

Go to the Don Quijote store. It’s sold at Don Quijote, but you can also use the Iron plate that’s sold in other stores and I think maybe the Gold, Silver and other plates would work as well if you already have one in your item box.

How do you buy water in Yakuza kiwami?

You’ll also discover he’s a washed up movie star, Yu-Jin. After a cutscene, you’ll end up at the Park, and the man will ask for a drink of water. You can get this at most vending machines.