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Do Pregnant or Nursing Dogs Have Special Needs?

Pregnant dogs are in need of quite a bit of help in their quest to bring healthy puppies to life. During the nine-week gestation period, pregnant dogs must maintain their weight and satisfy their nutrient needs to give their pups the best fighting chance. After all, when theyre born, puppies do not boast a strong immune system; their frail bodies are susceptible to life-threatening diseases right off the bat, and its their mothers milk production, alongside tender, loving care, that will make the difference. Therefore, its your responsibility to ensure that your mama dog gets the nutrition she needs and her puppies get what they need.

Todays article will help you understand why a high-quality hydrated diet, rich in food-grade ingredients and whole food nutrients, is essential for the mother dog and the puppies every single life stage, from conception and birth to weaning. So, instead of wasting your money feeding your dogs an unhealthy dry kibble diet, we will show you how the All-natural Volhard AM/PM diet will help both your mama dog and her puppies stay happy and healthy!

The Dangers of Feeding Unhealthy Dog Food: Fading Puppy Syndrome

Every dog breeder must face the sad possibility of fading puppy syndrome, a condition that brings a puppy’s life to an end without a clear explanation. Notwithstanding his excellent health, the puppy gradually exhibits signs of poor health and eventually dies without a definitive cause of death. Although we cannot pinpoint a clear cause, research cites poor milk production and quality and inadequate immunity as primary culprits behind the fading puppy syndrome. Now more than ever, it is clear how dog food quality is imperative for healthy milk production and, conversely, for a puppy’s best fighting chance.

I am getting ready to breed my female dog. What role does nutrition play?

Optimal nutrition for reproduction is important for:

  • Conception/successful pregnancy
  • Optimizing the number of puppies per litter
  • Providing the mother (bitch) with her best ability to deliver her puppies
  • Thriving puppies both before and after birth
  • The various stages of reproduction – heat (estrus), pregnancy, lactation and weaning – provide unique stresses to the body. Each provides specific nutritional concerns that should be addressed to maximize the health of both mother and puppy.

    Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter (The SHOCKING Truth!)

    Pregnant dogs require a lot of care and attention. One of the most crucial aspects to focus on is your pregnant dogs diet. But what to feed a pregnant dog, and then what to feed a nursing dog? Knowing this and what foods to include in the diet during the gestation period and after the birth can help your dog have a full and healthy litter.