Your Can you ship a dog through the mail? A Step-by-Step Guide

We’ll make this as simple as we possibly can: no, you can not ship a dog with USPS! USPS strictly shippers from sending dogs within their network, as well as other live animals such as cats, turtles, and other reptiles. In fact, USPS prohibits the shipment of so many live animals that shippers can literally only send a few kinds…and the animals USPS allows for might surprise you.

Ah, man’s best friend—there’s nothing like good dog to complement your life! As more shelters and dog breeders establish online presences, you don’t . As a result, sometimes you may need to transport a dog to another part of the country without taking it there yourself. Many wonder if they’re able to turn to the reliable and affordable US Postal Service to ship a dog…and they’re often disappointed when they learn the answer.

Note: some of these specialty couriers also transport dogs internationally, but some currently don’t. If you need to get a dog to (or from) another country, be sure to choose a company that offers international transportation services. They will be able to help you fill out all the necessary paperwork, including any import permits you may need.

So when your family is moving, be sure to give as much time and attention to ensure a good moving experience for your dog as you do for the rest of your family.

Many dog owners love their companions almost as much as their children – sometimes, even more. A recent Harris poll found that 90% of pet owners think of their dogs and cats as members of the family.

Moving can be extremely stressful for everyone, including your dog, and especially if you’re moving a great distance to new surroundings.

If your trip will require an overnight stay, plan your route carefully to include dog-friendly hotels or motels.

In most instances, especially for longer distances, shipping your dog by air is the safest and least stressful approach.

Shipping Pets Via Airplane

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To ship live animals through the mail, keep in mind that mammals generally cannot be shipped. However, you can usually ship fish, beneficial insects, and certain reptiles. If you have any questions about the animal youre shipping, contact your mail carrier to ensure that the animal is allowed under shipping regulations. When youre ready to ship your animal, make sure that the packaging is sturdy, well-ventilated, and water-resistant. To learn how to ship a live animal on an airplane, keep reading!

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