Your Is it OK for my dog to eat strawberries? Expert Advice

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Strawberries are a warm-weather favorite treat for dogs and their humans. Warm weather means that fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance, and just as we are incorporating them into our diet, we can feed them to our dogs. It may be hard or confusing to figure out which fruits and vegetables are safe for your dog (here’s a hint: grapes are definitely not safe), but yes, your best friend can have fresh strawberries. However, you should not feed your dog canned strawberries or strawberries in syrup. These are not good for your pet, at all.

Strawberries are a healthy, low-calorie, sweet treat for your dog, full of antioxidants, high in fiber and vitamin C. Here’s a bonus. By giving your dog strawberries, you are also helping him stay healthy in more ways than one. For example, over time, fresh fruit may help slow down the aging process, strengthen the immune system, and help with weight management. Strawberries can also help whiten your pup’s teeth.

Fruits That You Should Be Careful About Feeding to Dogs

These fruits fall into a gray area, and it might be best to avoid giving them to your dog.

  • Avocado: Although the actual pulp is not toxic to dogs, the pit can cause intestinal blockage, and the high fat content can cause some dogs to have pancreatitis or stomach upset, even from just a small amount.
  • Tomatoes: The ripe fruit is not toxic to dogs, but eating too much can cause stomach upset. Eating parts of a tomato plant itself can also cause gastrointestinal (GI) upset.
  • How to Safely Feed Strawberries to Your Dog

    So now that you know that you can give your dogs strawberries, what is the safest way to do it? The safest way to serve strawberries is to wash them thoroughly and then cut the fruit up in small pieces to prevent choking and make it easier to digest. If you have a small dog, you can mash up the berries or puree them and add them to the dog’s food. When cut up, frozen strawberries make a nice, cool summer treat.

    Whenever you introduce any new food to your dog’s diet, it is best to call your veterinarian first. And if you do begin to give your dog strawberries, be careful to start with small qualities and watch your dog for any changes in behavior or any digestive issues. Should you notice anything odd, stop giving them to him and check with your veterinarian.

    Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Strawberries?

    Dogs can eat certain fruits. Some are healthy and could be part of a balanced diet, while others are toxic and dangerous for them to consume. Others can be consumed but only in moderation or with special preparation.

    Many dogs dont like tart or acidic fruits like oranges or cranberries, but most dogs do enjoy some kinds of fruits. Dogs dont need fruits as part of their diet, but they can enjoy fruit as a treat or supplement to a balanced diet.