Your Is TruGreen mosquito defense safe for dogs? What to Know

We guarantee our science-base treatment to be effective in controlling mosquito populations within 24 hours TruGreen Mosquito Defense treatment services is the solution to getting rid of the mosquito problem in your backyard and saving yourself from those pesky bites and itching. Help protect yourself from uncomfortable and potentially dangerous mosquito bites with TruGreen Mosquito Defense, backed by our Guarantee. TruGreen technicians will treat your property with a professional mosquito repellent to target mosquitoes where they live and control populations in 24 hours.

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If youre not 100% satisfied with results, well re-treat at no cost. Thats our promise to you.

  • Customer-First Approach

    Our TruGreen Guarantee assures our treatment is effective in controlling mosquito populations with 24 hours, and with significant reduction for as long as 30 days after your service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll re-treat at no additional cost.

  • Local, Tailored Solutions

    TruGreen offers tailored mosquito control solutions to meet the needs of your outdoor living space, throughout the mosquito season, no matter where you live.

  • Science-Driven Expertise

    TruGreen’s targeted pest management approach maximizes program effectiveness and controls mosquitoes.

  • What kind of training does TruGreen provide for lawn specialists?

    TruGreen is committed to setting the industry standard for education, training and certification of our specialists. We provide an intensive training series for all new specialists, covering a variety of agronomic, horticultural and safety-related topics. Our specialists must meet TruGreen’s rigorous TruExpert certification and state licensing standards to apply weed and pest control products. In addition, TruGreen also has technical managers, degreed horticulturists, in each market to provide additional local expertise. Click here to see a video for more information on our specialist training program.

    Is organic lawn care safe for dogs?

    In fact, despite being derived from plant and animal byproducts, organic fertilizer can still harm pets. No fertilizer is safe to ingest — even organic fertilizer — and pets, particularly dogs, are at an increased risk for finding the smell (and maybe even taste) of fertilizer enticing.

    3 Safe and Effective Natural Mosquito Repellents for Dogs

    TruGreen is known as a leader in the lawn care industry, but they are more than just a lawn care company. TruGreen has a full line of pest control services that can keep the inside and the outside of your home free from the most common pests. Lawn care services will keep your grass looking good, but sometimes there are issues with lawn pests, cockroaches, or fire ants that create major issues for homeowners. TruGreen can handle it all.