Your What age do Bedlington terriers stop growing? Simple and Effective Tips

The Bedlington Terrier (BT) may look like a cute little lamb–but with its bold terrier temperament and high energy level, this breed is anything but lamb-like. With their history as fierce vermin hunters, these small-sized dogs are scrappy and energetic, but they make great companions to active families willing to handle their gutsy demeanors. The best news is that Bedlington Terrier care and maintenance doesnt take a great deal of work overall.

Dogs of this breed are athletic and agile–but theyre also relatively small, so Bedlington Terrier exercise requirements are only moderate overall. Due to their history as vermin hunters, BTs are fast runners with great dexterity, so theyll need exercise that both allow them to stretch their legs and that stimulate them mentally. They can make good jogging companions as well.

The BTs coat–one of its signature features–is a short, curly combination of crisp and soft hair. When at full length, this breeds coat hair can resemble that of a Poodle–and like the Poodles, the BT coat sheds very little. Not much hair cleanup will be required, but twice-weekly brushing (along with frequent clipping and scissoring) will be necessary to avoid tangles and mats.

If youre worried your Bedlington Terrier is overweight, give the dog this simple test: run a hand along its side, and if you cant feel any ribs, its diet time. Reduce the dogs daily food consumption by one-fourth, and add an extra walk, jog, or play period to its daily exercise schedule.

When indoors, its a good idea to give your BT access to one or more balls or chew-toys that will allow the dog to burn excess energy. Its also recommended that you establish a regular exercise schedule for the dog, such as walks or jogs after breakfast and dinner and a play period in the afternoon.

Do Bedlington terriers like to swim?

It’s just that water will not deter them from catching their prey. If you want to take your Bedlington Terrier for a swim, go ahead.

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