Your What does it mean when your dog can’t sit? Expert Advice

Socialize Your Dog with Other People

Showing your dog that other humans are just as nice as you will help them detach from you. Let your dog bond with the other people in your home by having another person feed, play with, train, or walk your dog. If you live alone, you can still have friends come over and interact with your dog.

Velcro dogs want to keep an eye on you everywhere you go, so it’s important to show your dog that the world won’t end if you’re out of their sight. You can do this by setting boundaries.

For example, shutting the door when you use the bathroom or go to another room, and then come back within a few minutes. This training may take a while, but your dog will learn that just because they can’t see you doesn’t mean you’ve abandoned them.

How Can I Get My Dog to Leave My Side and Be More Independent?

If you’ve had too much, and can’t take a shower, or sit on the couch with a loved one without your pooch demanding attention and following your every move, there are some strategies that you can try to help your dog detach from you and build self-confidence.

Separation Anxiety Can Cause Your Dog to Not Leave Your Side

Another reason for your dog never letting you out of his sight is separation anxiety. This is triggered when you and your dog are separated for any amount of time, and some dogs can become very agitated when you leave them behind at home, while others seem depressed when they see you getting ready for work or packing your bags.

Some dogs even try to prevent you from leaving. Dogs with separation anxiety will sometimes start barking, pacing or exhibiting other distressing behaviors after a short time after being left alone. Then when you return home, your dog jumps up and down, and acts as though he hasn’t seen you in years.

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